• leahwalling


    Critical thinker interested in socio political, cultural, business, and ethical trends affecting people and their pursuit to live fulfilling lives.

  • Patrick Danis

    Patrick Danis

  • Clare Kirlin

    Clare Kirlin

  • GreggTurek


    I am Digital Marketing Director at LiveWorld where I am a member of our healthcare and pharmaceutical practice team.

  • Jason Falls

    Jason Falls

    Writer & published author. Marketing strategist & podcaster. Father & mediocre boyfriend. I think I’m funny, too.

  • Katrina Kibben

    Katrina Kibben

    Social media geek minus the chic.

  • Stephen A Hart

    Stephen A Hart

    Founder and Host - Trailblazers.FM Podcast | Creator of Brand In Demand

  • Laura @ #GameChanger

    Laura @ #GameChanger

    Speakerđź–¤Strategistđź–¤GameChangerđź–¤Connectorđź–¤ChangeMakerđź–¤InspiringWomen2030đź–¤Headed BT Womenđź–¤Trainer, coach, & consultant to interesting people đź–¤

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